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about  HOORA


The design leads to the rationality plus sensibility.
Our job is to seek the new vision for the product establishment.Through sensible marketing and rational measures, we assist our clients to fit into the market promptly and master the future trend to create the biggest value with them.The finished product represents our hope to solve the problem of our clients and succeed raising the performance


2016  德國紅點設計大獎 Red dot design award

2012  德國iF設計大獎 iF design award

2015  金點設計獎  

2014  台灣視覺設計獎 

2014  金點設計獎  

2011  金點設計獎  

2010  金點設計獎  

2010  金點設計獎  

2010  金點設計獎  

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